Fee List

Category Fast Account Standard Account
Deposit(Bank Transfer) - -
Withdrawal (Transfer to Bank) - 1.00%
(Minimum 50USD)
Withdrawal (Card Loading) - 1.50%
(Minimum 10USD/1200JPY)
Internal Transfer
(The bearer is sender)
0.15% 0.15%
Monthly Maintenance 0USD 1USD
Cryptocurrency Deposit - -
Cryptocurrency Payout 0.5% 0.5%
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Pin Change Free
Pin Reminder PIN Free
Retail Purchase Transaction -
Retail Transaction Refund -
Declined Transaction Fee $1.50
MaximumS & Online Daily Spend $10,000.00
ATM Withdrawal 2%(Min$3.5/Max$7.5)
Maximum Number of Daily ATM Withdrawals 6
Maximum ATM Daily Withdrawal $2,000.00
SMS Card Lock/Unlock Free
SMS Any Other Enquiry $1.00
Foreign Exchange (for transactions in a currency other than USD) 3.00%
Card-to-Card Transfer (via SMS or website) $2.00
Monthly Service Charge $3.50
Dormancy Fee(Management Fee) $1.50
Replacement Card (for lost/stolen/expired cards) $20.00
Refund Fee $25.00 +
Minimum Card-to-Card Transfer via Website or SMS $ 20.00
Maximum Card-to-Card Transfer via Website or SMS $1,000.00
Maximum Load Per Transaction (Bank/Telegraphic Transfer only) $2,000.00
Maximum Load Per Day (Bank/Telegraphic Transfer only) $2,000.00
Transactions Per Day (including card-to-card transfers) 3
Maximum Card Balance (15K Euro equivalent) $2,000.00