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Kai De International Holdings Group has a number of real estate, financial, and digital asset investment companies registered in Hong Kong, China, Southeast Asia, the United States, etc. It owns securities companies and fund management companies approved by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission and insurance consultants in Hong Kong Wealth management companies registered by the Federation, recognized financial companies registered under the Hong Kong Government Money Lenders Ordinance, digital asset exchanges established in the United States, and companies listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, etc., cover the complete global financial industry chain. Since its establishment, the group has focused on more than 30 mainland and Southeast Asian companies listed in Hong Kong and has more than 500 successful cases. It is familiar with the operations of governments in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Billion Hong Kong dollars.

Business Model

Kai De brings together professionals such as professional accountants, practising lawyers, investment bankers, and real estate investment experts at home and abroad. It also has extensive international capital market operation experience and a broad international perspective.

About Us

Company Name Forex Price Markets Ltd
Address 16 Hutson St.,Suite304,Belize City,Belize